/dī · ôn · THrō/

Thank you to babydog who helped doc coin this terminology, unintentionally. 12/16/2021

noun. "di-" (prefix) meaning: "double" or copy/replica. "auth" meaning: "authentic" or real. "-thro" (suffix) meaning: "anthro" or human.

diaunthro's are, "those who identify as or with a copy of another real human being, whether past or presently existing."

usage. a diaunthro person is diaunthric. a diaunthro may have a diaunth who is the american actress, marilyn monroe.

purpose. the terminology was created as a self-identifier and is synonymous with factkin and many other fact-identifiers. diaunthro removes the misidentification of human fact-identities experiencing otherkinity (nonhumanity) and provides a more accurate terminology in congruence with the alterhuman community as a whole.

symbol. the diaunthric symbol is the traditional factkin symbol. the imagery depicts a human with multiple diaunth's being expressed.

pride flag colors. the diaunthric colors also follow the traditional factkin colors. the stripes are each different shades of grey. the stripes getting darker in shade moving away from the center.

faq. feel free to click the tumblr button below to submit any questions directly to the diaunthro hub.

Q: Who can use this label? A: Diaunthro is a term that pertains to all fact-related human-specific alterhumans. Feel free to use it if it applies to you!

Q: What is the difference between a Diaunthro and a Factkin? A: Diaunthro are human-specific fact-identities. Factkin falls under the umbrella term of Otherkin which includes nonhuman fact-identities.

Q: Can sublabels be created? A: Absolutely! Sub terminology can be freely created so long as it stays consistent with the standard diaunthro definition.

Q: Is Diaunthro apart of Endelity? A: It definitely can be! Endelity is frequently apart of the diaunthro experience but not required.

Q: Can Factives use this terminology? A: For sure! So long as there is a distinction made between being a factive and fact-related alterhuman identity.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact Diaunthro directly on Tumblr. https://diaunthro.tumblr.com or click the button below